Botanische look in een handomdraai

Botanical look in an instant

Do you want to give your interior a fresh and cheerful look? Then the botanical look is perfect for you! With a few simple adjustments you can transform your interior into a green oasis in no time. In this blog we share 5 tips to give your interior the botanical look.

1. Bring nature indoors
The first step to give your interior the botanical look is to bring nature inside. Choose large plants such as ferns, monsteras or banana plants as eye-catchers in the room. Place them in beautiful vintage pots or hang them from the ceiling for a playful effect. By adding greenery, the space immediately gets a botanical look.

2. Choose natural materials
In addition to plants, you can enhance the botanical look by choosing natural materials. Think of wooden vintage furniture, wicker baskets, cork or linen fabrics. These materials provide a warm and natural look, perfect for the botanical style.

3. Go for green colors
To create a botanical atmosphere, you can also opt for green colors on the walls, furniture or accessories. For example, go for a green wall or opt for green cushions and plaids on the couch. With green colors you bring nature directly inside and you create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

4. Add natural prints
A simple way to give your interior the botanical look in no time is to add botanical illustrations. For example, also choose cushions, curtains or wallpaper with leaves or floral prints. These items bring the natural elements into your home and complete it.

5. Create a green corner
Finally, you can create a special corner in your interior where you bring all the botanical elements together. Place a large plant here, a comfortable chair with a cushion in a natural print and hang some beautiful photo frames with pictures of plants on the wall. In this way a green corner is created where you can relax and enjoy the botanical atmosphere.

With these 5 tips you can give your interior the botanical look in no time. Bring nature indoors with beautiful plants, choose natural materials and colors and add natural prints. Finally, create a green corner where you can fully enjoy this green oasis in your home. Enjoy your botanical interior!

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