Vintage lijstjes met antieke botanische illustraties uit 1917

Vintage frames with antique botanical illustrations

Love vintage frames, botanics, and antique illustrations? Then you will really like the vintage frames that I have collected for you recently. Vintage frames are always fun anyway! illustration tired? In an instant, you can simply add something else that suits your style and taste of the moment.

Historical value

What makes these frames so special are the beautiful botanical illustrations they contain. They come from a botanical book from 1917 and therefore have a historical value. The illustrations are drawn with great care and precision, making them a feast for the eyes. They show different types of plants and flowers in all their beautiful details.

The illustrations and the frames have been carefully put together, so that it has become a coherent whole.

Personal style

You can also convert this to your personal style. For example, by choosing color or a different theme, such as animals or portraits from times long past.

How do you go about creating a collection for your art wall?

Look for vintage frames that are different, but still have the same style, or very different frames.

Choose prints or illustrations that match your interior and taste.

Be patient in your search for these vintage frames, they can be tricky to find, as well as antique books.

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