De betekenis achter Maria flesjes met Lourdes water: een souvenir met historische waarde

The meaning behind Maria bottles with Lourdes water: a souvenir with historical value

Have you ever heard of Maria bottles with Lourdes water? These small bottles of holy water from the French city of Lourdes are very special and are collected by many people. But why are these bottles so special and what is their origin? In this blog post I will tell you more about it.

Since 1858

The origin of the Mary bottles with Lourdes water lies in the Marian apparitions in Lourdes in 1858. According to tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared eighteen times to the girl Bernadette Soubirous. During one of these apparitions, Mary asked Bernadette to dig a well and said that the water was healing. Since then Lourdes has been an important place of pilgrimage and thousands of people come to the city every year to drink the sacred water and pray.

Medicinal properties

The Maria bottles with Lourdes water are a souvenir that pilgrims can buy in Lourdes. The water is considered sacred and is used for blessing people, homes and objects. Many people believe that the water has medicinal properties and use it to pray for healing.

Collecting bottles of Mary with Lourdes water is a way for many people to express their faith and to remember their visit to Lourdes. The bottles come in different sizes and shapes and are often kept in a display case or on an altar. Some people have a whole collection of bottles and collect them from different countries.

Historical value

But the Mary bottles with Lourdes water are not only important for believers. People who are not religious also find the bottles special because of their historical value and unique appearance. The bottles are a piece of history and tell the story of the Marian apparitions in Lourdes.

In short, the Mary bottles with Lourdes water are a special souvenir with a rich history and a deep meaning. Whether you are religious or not, these bottles are a unique addition to your collection. In my shop you often find these bottles, but you have to be quick, they are gone in no time. Don't want to miss anything? Sign up for the Sofia's Brocante newsletter .

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