Schelpen als decoratie

Why are shells a popular decoration material?

Shells have been a popular decoration in interiors all over the world for centuries. They are beautiful to look at and have a calming effect on people. It is therefore not surprising that people like to place shells in their homes.


Some reasons why people use shells as decoration in their homes:

1. Memories of the Sea: People often take shells with them as a souvenir of their holiday by the sea. It's a fun and inexpensive way to preserve the memories of a great vacation. When they are at home, they can place these shells in a beautiful bowl or glass jar and give the room a maritime look.

2. Natural look: shells are mainly used to give a natural look to the interior of a home. If you're not a fan of plants or flowers, adding shells to your interior can have a similar effect. Shells give a fresh look and can subtly brighten up the room.

3. Spiritual Significance: Shells have spiritual significance in different cultures. In some cultures they are seen as symbols of rebirth and the creation of new life. Other cultures consider them a symbol of peace and tranquility. People who honor these meanings also often use shells as decorations in their homes.

4. Trendy: Shells are very trendy as decoration right now. Interior designers often use them to create a beachy or costal atmosphere in the room. This makes it very attractive for people to follow this trend in their own homes.

Bottom Line: Shells have been a popular decoration in homes around the world for centuries. They have a natural, spiritual and trendy look that fits well in different interior styles.

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